Why Every Accounting Firm Should Use the CloudThere’s a simple reason why accounting firms have moved their clients and processes onto the cloud. It’s because the cloud is a proven accounting tool for growing your firm’s profits and productivity. You’ve heard professionals mention that the cloud is the future, but if you need a little help understanding why, look no further.

How the Cloud Works: When all your client data is on the cloud, it’s saved online to one or more off-site computers, so you always have easy access. You can use the cloud to automate your processes, to safely store your firm’s data, and to provide access to your clients’ information, at any time, from anywhere you are. 

Accounting Software on the Cloud: Migrating to new software can be a serious pain for most firms. So why should you switch from your traditional accounting software to cloud-based software? The big reasons are that it’s easy to adopt, easy to integrate, and easy to use. The cloud was practically built to better manage your firm. 

Why Accountants Use the Cloud: In fact, when you take a closer look at all the ways cloud-based software helps accounting professionals, the reasons to switch are clear. Saving your clients’ information on the cloud, rather than storing it solely on computers in your office, means you can improve:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Streamline your budgets. Working on the cloud doesn’t require any additional hardware, unlike traditional accounting systems, since your client data lives off-site on a highly secure computer. The cloud doesn’t need an IT team, or special equipment, or even office space.
  • Accessibility: Work on your own terms. Check your accounting data anytime you want, from anywhere in the world, whenever you have Internet access. Use your laptop, tablet, or mobile device to see the status of all your clients and projects, at a glance and in real-time, from a single app.
  • Efficiency: Accomplish more with less. Easily connect your accounting software to the cloud, and watch your financial data flow automatically, whether you use apps like QuickBooks, Sage Intacct, Salesforce, or Lacerte. Save time by automating your processes, and by updating your bookkeeping data, automatically.
  • Security: Never worry about your data. Store your confidential client information in the safest place it could live, take control over how accurate your data is, and keep it safe with today’s industry-standard security tools like log-in management, two-factor authentication, and built-in encryption.
  • Reliability: Trust that your data is correct. Software that lives on the cloud is smart enough to update automatically, so your accounting and bookkeeping data is always up-to-date, and your clients’ data is always current. When you’re on the cloud, you can worry less, and focus more on your clients.
  • Scalability: Dedicate the right resources. If your accounting software is on the cloud, you scale your resources to match your clients’ needs, freeing up any resources that your firm could use for other clients. Cloud-based software even enables you to add, remove, or modify users as your needs change.

Migrating your data and processes to the cloud gives you the confidence to control your firm’s budget, to work at whatever time and place is most convenient to you, and to get the most out of your firm’s workday. You can be sure that your information is safe, that the software is updated, and that it can manage jobs large and small.

When it comes to accessibility and ease-of-use, it’s clear why so many accounting professionals have adopted cloud-based software to help manage their firms. Never worry again about having the right document, losing an important file, or giving access to the right staffers. With the cloud, everything is just how you need it to be.

As soon as you’re ready for cloud-based time and billing software that can automate your firm’s accounting and bookkeeping processes, please request a free demo of BigTime, and see just how much we can help.