About True Partners

True Partners Consulting is a world-class, independent tax and business advisory firm with offices across the U.S. and around the globe. Founded in 2005, TPC specializes in helping large public and private enterprises navigate complex tax and financial regulations.

The Overview:

Industry: Accounting
Located in Chicago, IL
200+ Users

The Challenge

“With up to 500 engagements open at any time, we needed a faster and more intuitive way to handle our time and billing… The ease and speed of BigTime’s workflow allowed us to increase productivity, better capture billable hours, and sync to QuickBooks with a single click,” said Brian Gilmartin, Director of Finance.

Rapid Growth
As the firm was quickly growing, they needed time and billing software that could easily and reliably scale with them.

No Time to Adjust
True Partners was running low on valuable time and couldn’t afford to set up a new system and QuickBooks integration that would risk a glitch in data.

Stale Data
Although they were collecting good data around their engagements, they lacked the resources to turn them into actionable insights.

Industry-Specific Customizations
Accountants have a specific way they work and True Partners didn’t want an out-of-the-box solution that they’d have to spend time customizing to meet their needs.

The Solution

Being a QuickBooks Gold-Certified Developer and that its proven technology is used by lntuit, BigTime provided Gilmartin the peace of mind that it was the right system.

“The thought that went into designing BigTime's industry-specific reports is obvious. The report writer function understands just what questions you need to answer, and it provides those answers with the click of a button,” said Gilmartin.

BigTime’s platform is built to scale with small businesses, going beyond just time and billing features to guide firms in reaching their full potential.

The Results

By checking each box True Partners was looking for and then some, TPC is growing their productivity company-wide and their business… with one system.

“Our entire firm logs time incrementally, so we were thrilled with the ease and speed of BigTime’s workflow. We were looking for a time and billing solution that not only could grow with our business but help our business grow. In BigTime, we got both,” said Gilmartin.

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