"The idea of a time and billing package that catered to the engineering industry really appealed to TAI. BigTime knew what information engineers typically enter, and  which reports and templates would be most useful to us. We can now generate reports with real-time, up-to-the-minute data."

Mary Evans, Director of Human Resources

About TAI Engineering

TAI Engineering is a leading consulting engineering firm that provides mechanical and industrial engineering services to Fortune 500 companies in diverse industries, both domestically and globally. Founded in 1989, TAI specializes in solutions for the industrial and pharmaceutical markets.

The Overview:

Industry: Engineering
Located in Baltimore, MD
150+ Users

The Challenge

Time Tracking Cutting into Billable Time
TAl’s tradition of manually entering time and billing data into spreadsheets was costing serious time and money.

Staying on Budget
Delays in billing information made it impossible to know where teams stood on hours worked vs. billed to track budget status.

Accurate Forecasting
TAl's project managers managed 20 or so projects at once, keeping track of all of those budgets via spreadsheets had become a herculean task.

QuickBooks Integration
When deciding to make the switch to a PSA solution, it was important that the tool integrated with their existing systems to eliminate double-data entry.

The Solution

BigTime’s real-time reports provided TAI with accurate insights into forecasting budget, labor, and resources.

“It's freed up a lot of our project managers' time because they no longer have to input staff information manually into spreadsheets — giving them more time for other managing duties or billable engineering work," said Mary Evans, Director of Human Resources. 

The Results

BigTime increased the productivity and profitability of TAI’s projects by utilizing a clear and easy-to-use project management system.

“We've got everyone at TAI using BigTime now. All of our structural, chemical, and mechanical engineers, plus our billing, sales, marketing, and administrative departments… It's perfect for a group of people who are not necessarily 'computer people.' It's just that easy to use,” said Evans.

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