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About the company

STR Resource & Associates, LLC. provides variable resources for operations: improvement, optimization, performance metrics, project management, process engineering, and project engineering.

  • Industry: Consulting
  • Size: 30+ employees
  • Location: Pennsylvania, USA
  • Use Case: project management, time & expense, business analytics


In pursuit of streamlining operations and achieving strategic objectives, STR Resource & Associates became dissatisfied with managing siloed data and excess manual entry, among additional shortfalls from their previous software providers. They were balancing separate project management and software tools including, but not limited to MinuteDock, Expensify, and Xero. Eager to move their business forward, they sought a professional services automation software (PSA) that would not only streamline operations but also set them up for sustained success. 

By implementing BigTime Software, STR has simplified time and expense tracking, improving project efficiency and visibility. As STR continues adopting BigTime, reporting will provide deeper insights into billable utilization and project profitability to help make more informed decisions, optimize profitability, and increase operational efficiency.

The Challenge

STR found it challenging to justify maintaining separate time and expense systems for project management. The data silos resulted in extra time spent toggling between systems, decreasing operational efficiency and lowering value. 

Challenges STR faced: 

  • Excessive manual expense entry due to system limitations: no customization, category drop downs, or attachments 
  • Visual clutter and data overload when viewing relevant projects and other information
  • Lack of centralized project visibility, e.g. no single point to access client purchase orders
  • Missing granular project data in reports for revenue attribution by project

The Solution

By adopting BigTime, STR Resources left behind the complexities of maintaining multiple systems, which streamlines project data entry, improves project visibility, and increases operational efficiency.

Partnering with BigTime helped STR:

  • Slash administrative workload by 75% through streamlined project management.
  • Enhance informed decision-making and project alignment by presenting relevant projects and actionable data at the right time.
  • Attain comprehensive, real-time project visibility through centralized data, enabling dynamic tracking of project progress.
  • Gain access to critical project data for revenue attribution per project, optimizing project monitoring and facilitating informed decisions for scalability and growth.

“Being able to put projects into BigTime is wonderful. In the past, there was no one place you could look at all of the things you were doing at the same time. Now, it’s really very cool- the visuals of the project management [adds} a layer of data gathering that we didn’t have before. It shows each live project’s revenue, expenses, and how much time we’re spending!”

Vickie Geiman. General Manager/ Sr. Associate

Next Steps

STR will continue increasing their operational efficiency by diving deeper into the reporting capabilities BigTime offers. "We haven't even dipped our toes into all the robust reporting that you can do. We're still exploring [the platform], but we are loving what we've seen so far.” -Vickie Geiman, General Manager/ Sr. Associate 

By tracking billable utilization rates and project profits with BigTime's reporting, STR can enhance data-driven decision-making and optimize project profitability. STR is confident that improved time tracking will positively impact billable utilization rates and revenue over time. This transition to BigTime will simplify time and expense tracking, consolidating projected vs. actual data in reports, pinpointing cost overruns, and driving proactive decisions on future projects. Additionally, this new professional services automation platform offers STR the flexibility to incorporate additional modules like resource planning and financial management into their operations.

About BigTime Software

BigTime takes the guesswork out of utilization, capacity planning, and project profitability while driving operational efficiency for professional services organizations. Our award-winning Professional Services Automation software provides project planning, budgeting, time and expense tracking, and invoicing, all backed by powerful reporting and analytics. We help accountants, architects, engineers, IT services firms, and management consultants budget, track, and bill their most important asset: time. 

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