Is the Customer Always Right? Myth-Busting Your Consulting Practice

October 20, 2020 Trilby Lawless

Why do projects go awry, even when you’ve checked all the boxes? Sometimes, “common wisdom” actually leads to failure. In other words, what if the customer isn’t always right? 

BigTime CEO, Brian Saunders, sits down with project guru, Shane Anastasi to talk through well-meaning myths that may be sabotaging your project teams, including being on time and on budget.  

As Shane puts it, in the consumer world if a customer wants another sandwich, you make them another sandwich. But, that doesn’t work when you have thousands of dollars on the line in a services project, and the customer thinks they can hop behind the counter to make the sandwich themself. 

Learn how to take control of client-facing projects, free your team from the traps that sink them, and hear how myth-busting can accelerate your success.

Get more tips on project management and leading your professional services firm to success on our blog here, or check out Shane’s certification program by visiting

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