September 2020 BigTime Release

September 10, 2020 Trilby Lawless

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make the biggest difference in your workday. At BigTime, we believe every feature, every report field, every click (or lack of) should add up to an easier and more efficient way to get work done. 

Read on to see the enhancements we’ve made to our software this month to improve the user experience and keep things simple. 

Email reminder to pay an invoice

To make staying on top of outstanding invoices easier, we’ve introduced automated reminder emails you can schedule if the client has not paid their invoice after x number of days. This can be set in the invoice configuration Email Settings, with the choice to enable one or both of the reminder emails with a custom message. You can also specify the number of days before or after the invoice due date of when they would like the reminder to be sent. The reminder will be sent to whoever the invoice was originally sent to.

Project budgeting 

A new option for allocating resources, project budgeting keeps your allocations at the project level, creating a single “task” for a project. This way you can set budgets on a monthly basis and compare or track against the projected fees for each period all within the allocation editor. By allocating against a project and not specifically against tasks you can streamline most flat rate or retainer style projects.

Handle multi-entity Intacct firms

If you have multiple entities within Intacct, you can decide how you’d like for them to integrate with BigTime during the integration setup process. Either select have all entities in one BigTime instance or integrate each entity to its own separate BigTime instance. 

Fee statement detail report for BigTime Wallet

This new report shows each individual fee transaction for payments processed with BigTime Wallet.

Invoice number added to Wallet Receipt

To improve tracking, when a client submits a payment using Wallet their receipt will now include the invoice number.

Department field on the new user form

Do everything in one place to speed up the process of adding new staff by selecting the staffer’s department directly within the new user form. 

Reporting Updates

Percent billed per task
Field to show estimate vs. invoiced (%) per task:
[Total invoiced to date] / [Total Estimate]

Receipt (Yes/No) to expense type reports
Instead of opening every individual receipt to see if there is a receipt attached, this field lets you run a report to know whether or not there is a receipt attached to that expense.

Projected fee on task reports
This field shows the projected budget for the specific task, calculated as the actual fees to date plus the projected fees going forward. Calculations = [Input Fees] + [Future Allocated Hours x Billing Rate]

Export Wallet report to doc

Report on the total not yet invoiced in project type reports

P.S. Did you hear about our launch of BigTime Wallet, our new payment processing feature? If you’re interested in seeing how you can get paid faster while lowering processing fees, check out our 20-minute walk-through of the new solution or get in touch with us for a personalized demo


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