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For IT professionals, it’s vital to stay on top of trends to ensure that your skills remain fresh and relevant. Books and networking events are traditional ways of doing this, but podcasts are a new and popular way to sharpen your IT knowledge.

With so many podcasts out there, it can be overwhelming. That’s why we sorted through a ton of different IT podcasts for professionals so you didn't have to. Keep on reading to learn of our favorites.

But wait! Before we get started sharing our fave shows, we couldn't help but include our very own show, The BigTime Podcast. Check out one of our IT episodes with Harrison Green-Fishback, Lineate’s CTO, describing his software development company and how he makes sure it's quality over quantity. (Watch above and watch the rest of the episodes here.)

Now, from inspiring to educational, here are some of our fave shows:

1. The Cloudcast

The Cloudcast is the industry's leading, independent Cloud Computing podcast. Since 2011, co-hosts Aaron Delp & Brian Gracely have interviewed technology and business leaders that are shaping the future of computing.  Listen Now

2. Heavy Networking

An unabashedly nerdy swan dive into networking technology. Weekly episodes feature industry experts, real-life network engineers, and vendors sharing useful information to keep your professional knowledge sharp. Listen Now

3. IT Career Energizer

Throughout the series, more than 300 IT and tech professionals, consultants, and experts have shared their career experiences and insights to help you to succeed. Listen Now

4. IT Visionaries

Through interviews with IT leaders, IT Visionaries brings actionable insights and lessons to listeners on a weekly cadence. The conversations with CIOs, CTOs, and Fortune 1000 tech leaders are generally high-level—so it won’t get into the nitty-gritty of IT work—but can be useful for those who want to stay on top of what’s next in the IT world. Listen Now

5. Risky Business

This weekly security podcast offers news and in-depth interviews with industry experts about security issues new and old. From the latest ransomware attacks to the entanglements of international cyber relations, there’s plenty to listen to and think about. Listen Now