Routines are a great thing, but lately, as I’m sure you can relate, things can quickly become mundane without a change of scene. Which is why this week I wanted to share some podcast and book recommendations to help spark newfound motivation and stay inspired.

Below is a list of our team favorites and popular recommendations for professional services professionals, in no particular order. We hope you check them out for yourself! 

If you know of another book, podcast, webinar, or any content that would be a great addition, please email marketing@bigtime.net and we will keep the recommendation list growing.  


Leadership in Turbulent Times
Author: Doris Kearns Goodwin

This is a book on how leaders are made, not born. Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Doris Kearns Goodwin writes about four U.S. presidents who were faced with a national crisis, exploring each president’s early development, growth, and leadership. 

Dotcom Secrets
Author: Russell Brunson

“The underground playbook for growing your company online”, this book is written by serial entrepreneur Russell Brunson who after a year of graduating from college had sold over a million dollars worth of services from his basement. DotCom Secrets empowers its readers with the knowledge to promote and grow your business online. 

The Ultimate Sales Letter: Attract New Customers. Boost Your Sales.
Author: Dan Kennedy

Ever wonder why some of your sales letters work and others don’t? Dan Kennedy dives into the science of copywriting and gives tips that any business can use. With so many emails sent and channels of digital communication in today's world, its important to learn how to make your brand stand out in the crowd. 

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion
Author: Robert Cialdini

Going a layer deeper, this classic book explains the psychology behind why people say yes and how to apply this knowledge ethically to your business. Dr. Rober Cialdini teaches the six universal principles that can apply to any business and everyday situations. 


The Accounting Best Practices Podcast
Host: Steve Bragg

For all the accountants out there, this down-to-business podcast is for you. This podcast shares advice on a variety of topics for running an accounting practice, from high-level business strategies down to the specifics services. 

Online Marketing Made Easy
Host: Amy Porterfield

Amy’s podcast not only inspires but gives clear steps on how to take the insights shared into profitable action. Online Marketing Made Easy offers a mix of expert interviews, mini execution plans, and a behind-the-scenes look at the work Amy does to help entrepreneurs build and grow their business.

Hosts: David Baker & Blair Enns

Named as an inside joke from the movie Office Space, 2Bobs is hosted by two management consultants to professional services executives. David and Blair take turns interviewing each other on their weekly topic and explore their views - sometimes differing - on creative entrepreneurship.

The Engineering Career Coach
Host: Anthony Fasano

If you’re an engineer looking for content on propelling your business or career you should meet Anthony Fasano. The founder of the Engineering Management Institute is the host of several successful podcasts and has also brought back his series of Monday Morning Motivators.

Just for fun…


Just need a good laugh and some positivity? Our favorite coworkers from The Office are back...sort of. Watch John Krasinski (a.k.a. Jim in his home office) share positive news happening around the world and bring in special guests. 

Sounds of Colleagues

Working from home can make you miss the buzz of the office. Funny how you don’t think you’d miss something until it’s gone! If you’re in this boat, these office noises can be a surprisingly nice comfort to have on in the background. 

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