Platt-1About PLATT 

PLATT, now celebrating 40 years in business, is a full-service architecture, construction, and interior design firm based in North Carolina. Specializing in custom homes and unique commercial structures, PLATT has successfully completed over 500 projects across the United States, including an HGTV Dream Home, a private lodge featured on DIY Network’s Barnwood Builders, and the east coast Oskar Blues Brewery.

We sat down with Bud Holland, Senior Project Manager, and Ren Uriarte, Finance Director of PLATT to discuss how BigTime has streamlined outdated processes, capitalized on project management efficiencies, and how they are getting paid faster.

The Overview:

  • Industry: Architecture
  • Located in Brevard, NC
  • 45+ BigTime users

The Challenge

Modernizing the Paper Process
Founded more than 40 years ago, it’s no surprise that processes were rooted in a paper workplace. From tracking time on paper to outlining a physical Excel spreadsheet for project management, PLATT needed a system to digitally house and streamline all internal processes.

Third-Party Consultants & Accurate Budgets
In the architecture world, the need for third-party consultants is a daily occurrence. Keeping track of costs, adjusting budgets, and hitting bottom lines are essential to each project and forecasting similar future projects. PLATT needed a way to be on top of these evolving budgets and have clear visibility into the project from every angle. 

Faster Invoices, Quicker Payment
Still waiting for physical checks in the mail (or simply waiting for a client to go and get a stamp), PLATT was seeing an immense delay in payment. Allowing wire transfers also proved too labor intensive with clients actually having to go to the bank, not to mention the fees on both ends. PLATT was in need of a quicker, more digitized process of getting paid.

The Solution

BigTime’s project management capabilities have provided PLATT with accurate insights on project health and have given the team the ability to customize each unique project for each client. 

“We have found that utilizing tools like BigTime has been helpful to us since there’s so many moving parts. We've experimented with project management softwares and found that a lot of them can be really cumbersome and bulky for a firm our size – we’re too big to be small, and too small to be big. So finding that sweet spot of project management processes without being too regimented has been a challenge, but we have a good system (BigTime) in place right now.” - Bud Holland, Senior Project Manager

BigTime’s flexible forecasting and budgeting tools have also helped PLATT stay on track with clearer visibility to third-party consultants.

“At the beginning of our projects, we make a lot of assumptions on cost based on what we know about the project at that time, and as we move through the project, we continue to track and update that to make sure we’re staying on the rails in terms of overall cost. We have a lot of third party consultants, and softwares like BigTime have been really beneficial.” - Bud Holland, Senior Project Manager

Finally, BigTime Wallet, our integrated payments processing platform, has dramatically increased receivables and client response times.

“The clients who use the (payment) link that we provide pay almost immediately (day of or day after) which means that payment hits our bank account a few days later. Our clients who have used it have expressed great satisfaction with it.” - Ren Uriarte, Finance and HR Director

The Result

BigTime increased cross-team productivity, organization of internal processes, and provided greater visibility into project health for PLATT architects by utilizing a clear and easy-to-use service management system.

“Originally, all our processes were based on a paper office. Finally we said ‘this is ridiculous, we gotta do something…’ It’s helpful to have all that (information) captured in one place as it's basically building a database so that you can project on future projects and know where you need to be on building financials for the next year.” - Bud Holland, Senior Project Manager

In addition, BigTime Wallet’s customizable invoicing and modern payment links have made PLATT’s payments process much faster and easier.

“BigTime Wallet offered us a way to get payments faster from our clients, and also eliminate any fees within electronic payments on the client end. Because it is so highly customizable, it makes it a no-brainer to use it for billing your clients.” - Ren Uriarte, Finance and HR Director

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