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The release of our new Vibrant Mode UI is here! Vibrant Mode will not be applied automatically, but your admin now has the option to toggle it on so you can move over at a time that works for your team and firm. When you do decide to transition away from Classic Mode, your workflows will stay the same but you’ll enjoy a new refreshed view. If you would like to provide feedback or be part of a future focus group, please let us know at

October 2021 Release Highlights

Core Solution
  • Allow system admin to toggle between “Classic” and “Vibrant” Mode
  • Require invoice template name
  • Auto-refresh on reports when edits are made

Vibrant Mode

Vibrant Mode is currently in Beta for you to try out, but eventually, we will be sunsetting Classic Mode completely. Introducing the concept of modes opens the door for us to release more view options in the future (Dark Mode, anyone?) and build features that take this usability enhancement to the next level. Moving forward, all enhancements will be on the new Vibrant Mode UI. So if you like new features, turn it on!


new ui

So what’s different, exactly? Vibrant Mode is a modernized view with more contrast that helps bring specific elements to the forefront. For example, we changed the submit link on the timesheet page to a button, to help direct users toward the next action they need to take.

timesheet - new 2

Core Solution

Along with Vibrant Mode comes the ability for system admins to toggle between Classic and Vibrant. The toggle can be found under Settings, on the left side of the Company Info tab. As additional modes get introduced, this is where you will go to find them.


Vibrant-new2Also as a part of this release, BigTime now requires invoice template names. When users are creating custom invoice templates and they forget to name their template, BigTime will return a validation error to remind them to give their template a name.


Finally, we have added an auto-refresh on reports when edits are made. As you probably know, drill-down links can be added to reports to open the time or expense edit dialog. This allows users to make changes directly from the report if needed. BigTime will now automatically update the report when changes are made to a time or expense entry via the drill-down link, so users won’t need to refresh the browser each time.

The BigTime team wants to thank you for being part of each release. Stay tuned for next month’s update, when we will begin releasing a new Premier feature focused on adding skills into the system to help identify the best people for each project.


If you are interested in participating in a focus group or just walking through your current workflow, please reach out to us at