january-2021-bigtime-releaseHappy New Year! It’s the first release of 2021 and we could not be more excited about what we have in this month's release. We continue to welcome feedback from all of our customers on how their businesses are growing and what enhancements or partnerships will allow them to grow even smarter. This month we rolled out enhancements with three main focuses: (1) usability, (2) deeper insights, and (3) integrated partnerships. This focus allowed us to enhance our core solution, BigTime Wallet, our client portal, reporting, and even launch a brand new integration with Jira. We are starting the year strong and this is just the beginning!  

New Integration: Jira


Jira is a popular system for logging, prioritizing, and managing the to-do lists for IT Services firms and other development and support teams around the world. Having BigTime integrated into Jira lets our customers seamlessly leverage the functionality and data in Jira with their project budgets, schedules, and financials.

Jira allows teams to assign stories (or “issues”) to team members, to estimate the time required to complete those stories, and to log work (or time) against them, tracking actuals along the way.  

Through this integration, BigTime will remain your source for accurate time tracking, projects, and financials while letting your team to work where they’re most efficient.

Key benefits:

  • Improves communication between team members that leverage different systems to fulfill their parts of the project
  • Increases accuracy by avoiding errors in data entry in two systems
  • Saves time by letting each team to work in the application they are most comfortable in

Enhancements: Core Solution

This month we delivered both large and small enhancements across the core solution that make the overall user experience better. 

In this release we have:

  • Added the ability to update base rates in bulk to help save users time
  • Simplified the “add timesheet row” by removing a click and having the cursor start in the project column
  • Streamlined the ability to use service items linked to staff default labor codes when posting invoices 
  • Updated our TaxLink integration to TaxLink 2020

Enhancements: BigTime Wallet & Client Portal

BigTime Wallet and client portal functionality continue to be a focus into 2021. In the January release, we improved visibility into deposits. As BigTime customers receive quicker payment through the Wallet links, keeping up with the transactions is key. We added the deposit batch date report field allowing you to easily identify all transactions that were part of each batch deposit.

Enhancements: Reporting 

Insight is the true value of nearly all data capture. Understanding the status of a situation or project while it's occurring instead of always looking backward allows us to take a project that could head in the wrong direction and catch it early enough to change course. This month we released reporting enhancements that allow you to see allocated costs in allocation and task type reports while also providing the ability to see allocated hours and fees in task type reports.



In addition, we have added the ability to analyze input cost data in allocation reports. All of these additions provide more action-oriented views of your data to ensure you have a constant pulse on the financial performance of each project in BigTime. We also know how important very granular and specific data labeling needs to be especially when working with our integration partners. So our final reporting update this release was to add import as a value in the posted status field in reports. The import value will now join the already existing value labels of failed, posted, and unposted in BigTime reports.

We are just getting started with this January release. There are so many things still to come in 2021 as we continue to expand our functionality to ensure you can continue to be your partner in growth.