The little things make the biggest difference when it comes to creating a better experience for your clients. Made for you and developed to be an ideal client portal, BigTime Wallet has a ton of well-thought-out details that help keep payments and projects running smoothly for all involved. 

Keeping your clients in the dark can cause major issues down the road, especially when finances are involved. That’s why BigTime Wallet’s client portal is all about transparency and making getting paid easier and faster.

Below are just a few ways you can keep things crystal clear and make processes easier for your clients when using BigTime Wallet.

See the full picture

Clients are able to easily view all paid as well as all outstanding invoices. Having access to their full invoice history not only keeps them on track with payments but also contributes to this idea of transparency and aids in having a healthy open line of communication between you and your clients. 

Make payments on-the-go

We know your clients are busy. BigTime Wallet allows clients to pay their invoices online — anytime and anywhere. By attaching the auto-generated secure payment link in your invoice email, your client can choose to “Pay Invoice” and complete the payment with their saved preferred method directly from their smartphone or computer.

Pay with one click

Clients can choose and save a preferred payment method so when it comes time to pay, it’s a one-and-done job. Clients can also choose to make multiple payments at once. Because we all like getting paid faster, right? Also, not making your clients re-enter payment information every time they need to pay just makes for happier people.

Avoid invoice errors  

Having to make changes to an invoice after your client has already received it, or worse, already paid it can just be plain awkward and make your company look unprofessional and cause distrust. With BigTime Wallet, you have the ability to set up approvals for each invoice so your clients receive properly vetted and error-free invoices. 

BigTime Wallet gives you the capability to provide a convenient experience for your clients and when your clients have the tools they need to succeed, your business will see the benefits as well. Because of its ability to enhance communication and transparency, it’s no wonder that our customers and their clients are loving BigTime Wallet.

“BigTime Wallet offered us a way to get payments faster from our clients, and also eliminate any fees within electronic payments on the client end. The ease of creating invoices from time in BigTime and the formats were better than almost anything we’ve seen out there. Because [BigTime Wallet] is so highly customizable, it makes it a no-brainer to use it for billing your clients. If you are going to do it, I would adopt it as quickly as possible.“

-Ren Uriarte, PLATT Architecture

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