Gantt Chart Project Management Software

Regardless of the industry you’re in, incorporating a Gantt chart in project planning and management will set your team up for success. A visual roadmap, collaboration tool and so much more, the intuitive nature of Gantt chart project management software will help any team achieve its goals. It can be used online or in an excel sheet that is accessible to everyone involved with the project. Gantt charts incorporated into a Professional Services Automation (PSA) software solution can be utilized by project management in any industry. In a nutshell, it is a real-time strategic framework designed to apply to any business model.

How a Simple Gantt Chart Maker Can Revolutionize Any Project

Big or small, a Gantt chart maker will simplify the largest and most complex projects, significantly reducing the chances of error or oversight. From start to finish, your team will have the ability to hone in on specific details for each step in the process. A Gantt chart Excel sheet and Gantt chart online tools enable those working together to see how their responsibilities fit into the overall framework of the larger project.

A Gantt Chart Maker Allows You To Create Critical Paths Tasks for Comprehensive Projects

Whether you are using the Gantt chart maker Excel or the online version of the software, you can add elements that will be presented by displaying a critical path. Your project’s timeline will be depicted horizontally in reference to the monthly or annual calendar year. The critical path is the big picture idea broken into involved and dependent tasks. Related tasks are grouped by color, and dependent actions are shown with arrows. Now project managers can see what needs to be accomplished — and what’s being accomplished — from start to finish.

Features With Unparalleled Value

Gantt charts are a versatile tool that helps a business make the most of its staff, money, time, and resources. They allow users to identify gaps in efficiency in real-time and allow project members to take action according to any obstacles that arise. Milestones and key events are able to be tracked, keeping the focus on achievement. Each team member can get an idea about how their role fits within the grand scheme of the project’s goal. Multiple projects can also be managed simultaneously, along with the ability to assign people to different projects — or different tasks within the same project.

Features Loved in a Variety of Industries

The user-friendly features and visual display of Gantt charts to show projects’ timelines give project managers and employees the transparency and power they need to make the best business decisions. Types of companies that have used and loved PSA software that provides access to free Gantt chart online and Excel access include:

  • Architects
  • Legal firms
  • IT companies
  • Accounting firms

Regardless of other methods businesses use, Gantt charts fit in their operations seamlessly and contribute to significant improvements along the way.

More Flexibility Than a Product Roadmap

Although aspects of a product roadmap are present in Gantt charts, the latter allows for more variability along the road. In simple terms, roadmaps can become complicated the more stages within it account for changes. Even free Gantt chart software lets project managers and their teams pay special attention to each task while maintaining the clarity of the larger vision in mind. Additionally, product roadmaps are only useful for product development plans. They tend to focus on the production process as it pertains to reaching the consumer and are essentially a comprehensive project summary that has been broken into its components.

The Easiest Gantt Chart Software To Use Is Packaged in PSA Software

A Gantt chart is essential for projects involving deliverables, whether they are schedule-oriented or resource-constrained. Where there are large chains of tasks involved with delivering your services or if you would rather spend more time on perfecting the practice of your business, PSA software can be a lifesaver. PSA software can take care of invoicing, budgeting, and processing payments, allowing you to access a variety of features within one product. You can take the strain of manually tracking and analyzing data off of the hands of members of your team. Instead, you can have more minds to interpret the data found. From there, you and your team will be empowered to take the best course of action.

BigTime Offers an All-in-One Solution To Optimize Project Management

BigTime offers businesses of any industry a comprehensive, thorough, and accurate solution to optimizing their business’s resources. In addition to managing projects, our software allows companies to track information relevant to all aspects of their companies. Join the other businesses that have empowered their teams with premier service automation software — contact us or request a demo today.