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2022 is off to a great start. There are many new features under development and we have not lost sight on continuing to add efficiencies to our platform for all users. Our February 2022 release is focused on ease of use with an emphasis on bulk actions. Bulk actions make it easier for you to work quickly as you scale and grow your client base.

There is a lot in store for 2022 and we welcome the opportunity to get your feedback on future enhancements to BigTime. If you’re interested, please reach out to us at

February 2022 Release Highlights

Core Solution

  • Update vendor bills in bulk
  • Bulk create invoices for Fixed Fee OR Time & Materials invoice types
  • Cost centers on invoicing grids
  • Configure invoice terms for fees and expenses
  • Refresh button on invoice preview

Update Vendor Bills in Bulk
Vendor bills can be created and posted into QuickBooks based on the hours and cost rate for a staffer. Staffers that are linked to a QuickBooks vendor and set to “Post Time as Bill” will have their time directed to the Create Vendor Bills screen in BigTime. Their hours will be generated into a vendor bill to be posted to QuickBooks, which is calculated from the staffer’s cost rate.

A date and term can be set on the vendor bill once it is created. By default, the date will be the day the bill was created in BigTime. Now, a user can update dates in bulk using the new Bulk Update option on the Drafts/Posted Bills screen.

Bulk Create Invoices for “Fixed Fee” OR “Time & Materials” Invoice Types
Fixed Fee style invoices can now be created in bulk in addition to the standard Time & Materials type. This will benefit firms creating a large number of invoices that are billing at a fixed fee.

Cost Centers on Invoicing Grids
Project cost centers are now available fields to include on any of the invoice grids (WIP, Drafts, Finals, and A/R Aging). This will benefit firms that utilize cost centers heavily on their projects, allowing them to filter the WIP screen when creating invoices and filter the drafts and finals when viewing or locating invoices based on cost centers.

Configure Invoice Terms for Fees and Expenses
If a user is creating a Time & Materials invoice and chooses the “No Subtotals” subtotal type, the line items will default to Professional Fees (for time charges) and Reimbursable Expenses (for expense charges). Other subtotal types will also display expense charges as Reimbursable Expenses for that line item.

This enhancement allows system administrators to configure these subtotal terms to fit your company’s invoicing terms. In the My Company > Lexicon settings under the General Terms, there are now two additional fields labeled Professional Services and Reimbursable Expenses. These are the default values but can be edited to fit your firm’s needs. Now, when invoices are created, the default terms for non-subtotal line items will display with these values.

Refresh Button on Invoice Preview
A refresh option has been added to the Invoice Preview screen. This will be especially useful when a user is making edits and adjustments to their PDF templates. Once changes are made, simply click the refresh button to see them applied.

There are some great enhancements along with some game-changing features planned for the rest of the year. We want your feedback on all of it! From early focus groups to being pilot customers, we welcome your participation as we continue to evolve the BigTime solution. If you’re interested in having your voice influence our design, please reach out to us at