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We focused our December updates around supporting your firm’s aspiration to grow, whether domestically or across borders. From larger updates, like updating expense reporting with built-in currency conversion, to smaller changes, like adding a search bar to your task editor, we’re committed to helping you navigate expansion with ease. Read on to find out what’s new this December. 

Introducing currency conversion to expense reporting

  • We're bringing currency conversion to BigTime starting with expense entry. Your staff can now enter expenses in whichever currency the expense was incurred. BigTime will automatically convert the expense to the base currency set by your admin based on real-time exchange rates or a preset exchange rate. 

  • Ready to set it up? The product team shows you how to turn on currency conversion in your expense reporting in the video below.

ExpenseEntryinMC-2Search through your tasks with ease

  • We added a search bar to the top of your tasks editor to help you quickly and easily locate any individual task. Tasks can pile up and become difficult to pinpoint, but the search bar makes it simple. 

  • We also made a few updates to the task editor itself to speed up loading times and make the experience more intuitive. 


The “Reports” tab has been relabeled as "Analytics"

  • The “Reports” tab in your main navigation bar has changed to “Analytics.” You’ll still find all your reports under this section, but we’re gearing up to help you start analyzing your data in addition to reporting on it. 

Press play to watch our product team cover the functionality behind the December release.


Coming soon: 2023 preview

As we head into 2023, we’re setting the stage to support your aspirations to expand internationally and become more data driven. Plus, we’ll help you do it all quickly and intuitively.
    • If data-driven decision-making sounds interesting, keep an eye out for an upcoming launch in the next few months. We’re working on new dashboards to help visualize your key data points, and keep teams on top of the real-time data most relevant to them.
    • You’ll also see expanded currency conversion capabilities across BigTime. Watch for future releases to get more details.

For the full list of updates, including bug fixes, scroll through your announcements in BigTime. For another roundup of new releases, check back here next month. If you have questions or just want to say hello, we’d love to hear from you. Shoot us an email at