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Giving Clients the Tools for Easy Payment with Client Portal | Product Tour

Every part of the payment process is critical and, when it comes to money, neither you or your clients want to feel left in the dark. That’s why we’ve launched BigTime Wallet and the new client portal.  

During the webinar we will show you how your firm can:
  • Create custom invoices and payments pages
  • Start attaching a secure payment link to your invoices
  • Manage your business all from one platform - no more switching between software
And how your clients can:
  • Pay anytime, from anywhere, and on any device 
  • Access their client portal to view and pay open invoices
  • Save their payment methods to auto-fill for faster payments and less hassle
  • View project teams so they're aware of who is working on which projects, their role, and contact info

Learn more about BigTime Wallet and request a demo here.

Learn how to streamline payments with BigTime Wallet: