Capacity Planning Software (1)

What is peak productivity for your business? Is it every employee working 24 hours a day, billing 100% of their hours to your highest paying clients or projects? 

Realistically, productivity for your business should be measured on your own terms, using realistic and measurable objectives that you and your firm understand and can use to move forward.

This is where a resource capacity planning tool and capacity planning software come in. There are a few key factors to consider when looking for the best resource management software for your professional service firm.

Maximize billing efficiency with resource management tools and techniques

Everybody on your team is working 40 or potentially more hours each week, but not all of those hours are billable. Without billing, it's hard for your business to move forward. The first benefit of using capacity planning software is increasing billing efficiency and giving a better, more financially sustainable picture of how your staff is using their time.

Of course, in the real world, not everything that happens during the workday is billable nor should it be. However, building up the amount of billable hours as compared to non-billable is going to improve your firm's bottom line, as long as the process reflects reality.

You can use capacity planning software to illuminate billing details and see how they affect your staff on an individual basis. For example, one of your staff, James, might have a routinely high utilization and billing rate, like 75%. But when you drill down into his projects, you find that he is spending most of his time on lower-paying projects and clients. Assigning him to higher-paying accounts could immediately contribute to your firm's bottom line.

This is one example of how using intelligent resource demand and capacity planning software can also help in ways that go beyond billable hours. Capacity planning tools can help you visualize and analyze how your team is spending its time and offer insights into their productivity.

You're already agile: build your team and bottom line with capacity planning tools

If you're managing an agile team, you know that you need team capacity management solutions. You also need to keep time spent and budgets in mind. A lot of teams keep time records using their own system, effectively spending billable hours on administrative work. Instead of spending billable hours on repetitive time entries, if you're using issue and project tracking software like Jira, BigTime is an official Jira application.

BigTime syncs with project tracking software, including Jira team capacity planning. Seamlessly transfer data from active Jira projects and issues into BigTime without duplication or error. Working together, BigTime and capacity planning tools Jira allow you to manage your projects and align work progress with budgets and hours for work in progress. And, BigTime offers robust and custom reporting that can show you insights into billing, invoicing, and revenue performance.

Manage better, plan projects, and fulfill your firm's potential

Could you have a top performer in your firm who hasn't yet been revealed? Or, are some team members at risk of burnout? Reasonable workloads that take advantage of everyone's strengths and minimize their weaknesses are essential when you're managing for success.

BigTime's capacity planning tools give you the visibility you need to manage and allocate your team's time. Not just on a project level, but over time, and across your firm and/or enterprise. BigTime's skill matching capacity allows you to see each team member's strengths and qualifications at a glance.

BigTime offers an effective resource demand and capacity planning software solution. It supports resource allocation, giving you the insights you need to know who is available to work on projects, how many staff hours you should allocate to a project, and whether you need additional staff. BigTime gives you effective capacity planning tools in operations management that can allow you to get to know your business better: no more "educated guesses" or poring over endless spreadsheets.

A team capacity planning template and real-time insights

BigTime gives you a team capacity planning template and more. Its reporting capacity shows you budget versus actual billable hours and provides visuals that show you progress over time. With staff utilization metrics, you can quickly forecast future resources needed to complete specific projects, or general capacity for new accounts, projects and clients. You can also compare estimated resources with reality, looking at your ROI on a project or firm-wide basis in real time.

BigTime provides resource management tools and techniques that can help to grow your firm, build up your bottom line, and make projects run more smoothly. With BigTime, you can integrate with agile project management solutions like Jira. Or, if you have another type of professional services business, BigTime can give you insights into your team and their productivity, allowing you to manage more effectively and efficiently. It's also effective in managing remote workforces, enabling you to manage contract and full-time employees in different time zones and across regions.

Learn how BigTime can help you achieve your firm's peak productivity, going beyond time-keeping and billing to true management insights that can help your workforce to be productive, happy, and effective. Contact us for a test drive of BigTime to see how it can help you reach your capacity planning goals today.