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Our success means nothing if our users aren’t happy. We’re so proud to announce that BigTime has again been named by G2 as the #1 PSA leader in customer satisfaction for fall 2021, along with 49 other badges across 6 different categories.

“At BigTime, we take what our customers say to heart. We not only seek out their opinions and feedback, we apply it to product updates and new features, said Brian Saunders, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BigTime Software. “We’ve been #1 in customer satisfaction since 2018 and we have no plans of slowing down!”

The best part of these rankings is that they are based on real reviews and satisfaction scores displayed on G2’s marketplace. The Grid Report is something we use to see how we are standing out in the PSA space.  

Why this marks the 14th consecutive quarter of being  listed as a PSA leader by G2: 

  • 92% of users say that they would be likely to recommend BigTime to others
  • Average 1.5 month go-live period, compared to peers taking a minimum 5+ months
  • 95% quality of support rating, well ahead of the 87% average
  • 98% of users rate BigTime 4- or 5-stars (over 1,000 real reviews)
  • 86% user adoption with an estimated ROI payback period of 11 months

Along with being named as a leader in customer satisfaction, BigTime has also received 49 badges across 6 categories, including:

  • Most implementable
  • Fastest implementation
  • Easiest setup 
  • Best relationship 
  • Best estimated ROI
  • Best usability 
  • Best results
  • Momentum leader
  • Easiest admin

Hear what our real, verified users of BigTime are saying:


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Learn more about how BigTime can help your firm grow and see how we stack up against the competition in our G2 PSA Grid Report for fall 2021.