Launching Evari GIS Consulting was a leap of faith for Eva Friedberg and her husband. With no experience starting a business and small children to care for, setting out into the uncertain world of entrepreneurship held undeniable risks. But with their dissatisfaction in their working life, the risk felt necessary. 

On this edition of BigTime Podcast, Friedberg joins us to discuss how she built Evari GIS Consulting into a thriving firm that’s helping organizations utilize geographic information systems. Included in this conversation are her insights on cultivating the best client relationships, how to leverage the advantages of being a small business, and developing the right team.

 “Once we became a little bit more confident, we realized some relationships weren’t working for us. And because they’re not respecting our needs as far as proper compensation, information or time, we decided to move on from that relationship. So sometimes we make that decision and I think that was a big learning lesson for us.”
-Eva Friedberg, Owner and Director of Finance & HR at Evari GIS Consulting 

Want to learn more about what it takes to successfully grow a company from someone whose done it himself? Listen to the full episode here.

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