As an HR consulting firm specializing in indigenous peoples, one might expect Boreala Management to be the expert in First Nation organizations. But as partner Tanya Neitzert describes it, their success with these groups is not attributable to expertise in their inner workings per se, but rather in the agency’s ability to listen and trust the clients as the true experts.

In this edition of The BigTime Podcast, Neitzert joins us to tell the story of how she came to acquire Boreala Management with two other partners and the operational philosophy that has led them to help indigenous peoples, nonprofits, and small-to-midsize businesses thrive. It’s all about listening to both clients and employees.

She explains how fostering communication and keeping employees engaged has been a major strategy that has helped the company to grow.

"Our mission is to build sustainability in our organization and to build capacity. We believe that our expertise in human resources is partnered with the expertise of our clients. And then together, we build a solution that is sustainable and that builds capacity."
-Tanya Neitzert, Boreala Management 

Want to learn more about what it takes to successfully grow a company from someone whose done it himself? Listen to the full episode here.

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