When Harrison Green-Fishback, Lineate’s CTO, describes his software development company, he makes sure to bring up the idea of quality over quantity. Growth in his business has always been focused on writing code to the highest standards. In this edition of the BigTime Podcast, Green-Fishback sits down to discuss how he makes it happen, as well as his deep insights on how to run a team.

“One of the things I was concerned about when I joined the company was the quality of the code,” he explains. “I'm delighted to say I was pleasantly surprised. I was given a team of 15 engineers to start and I watched them deliver consistently.”

It turns out, if code is put together with skill and care, it can provide a deeply satisfying experience. And if it’s not— it can make you physically ill. In a world where software development services have become a standard commodity, Lineate owes their success to a commitment to the highest quality.

“Now that I'm in an executive role, I really need to think about what it is that I'm saying. Employees want to do what their boss wants, that's pretty normal. And it's great, right? They want to do what leadership is aiming them towards. But you have to be careful where you're aiming because if you haphazardly shoot for something, boy, they'll go do it. And it's your fault, not theirs, that that time gets wasted, or improperly spent.”

- Harrison Green-Fishback, CTA at Lineate

Want to learn more about what it takes to successfully grow a company from someone whose done it himself? Listen to the full episode here.

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