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Perhaps the most important undertaking for every company is building a team. Every idea, plan, connection, proposal, and implementation exists in the people you hire, and nothing depends more on your success than having the right hands on deck. In this episode of the BigTime Podcast, we talk with Lorne Tappa, the VP of Finance and Administration at New Resources Consulting, based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

In Lorne’s role, he not only participated in tripling the size of his company, but also helped other companies identify key talent — the primary service New Resources provides. Lorne stops by to discuss his hiring philosophy and why company culture is his #1 consideration. He also shares his approach to working with clients, especially when things go wrong.

Culture is very important to us. A couple of years ago, we implemented EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System). And that at its core are our core values accountable, passionate, innovative, respectful, and collaborative. We try and find people that meet our core values and are aligned with our plans for growth."

- Lorne Tappa, VP of Finance & Administration at New Resources Consulting

Want to learn more about what it takes to successfully grow a company from someone whose done it himself? Listen to the full episode here.

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