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Just because the law is written in stone, it doesn’t mean one can’t change the way that it’s practiced. How firms that handle billing, attract clients, and engage in customer relationships, have existed as a host of sacrosanct conventions for as long as anyone can remember. But our guest on this edition of the BigTime Podcast did what any good founder should do — he asked why. 

Enrico Schaefer is the founder and CEO of Traverse Legal, a law firm specializing in all things digital. They are leveraging technology and applying it to the field of law to grow their firm and land new clients.

In the second episode of The BigTime Podcast, Enrico stops by to tell us how his firm offers a transparent and holistic way of working with clients that’s been a game-changer for growth. The strategy includes letting the clients know what they’ll be charged upfront, utilizing internet marketing, and educating their clients so they’re better prepared for the future.

“We were doing flat-fee pricing and I had no idea what was going to come of it. And then in the first year, let's say we had six people hire us from the internet. But the next year was 60. And the next year was 600. It turned out that people didn't care about anything except our expertise. - Enrico Schaefer, Founder & CEO of Traverse Legal

Want to learn more about what it takes to successfully grow a company from someone whose done it himself? Listen to the full episode here.

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