What is Professional Services Automation (PSA) Software?

June 1, 2020 Matthew Corey

professional services automation (PSA) software

Professional services automation (PSA) is software that helps manage your firm’s back office and front office by overseeing your staff and resources. Firms use PSA software to streamline their existing business processes, using their staff and resources as efficiently as possible. 

In short, PSA software lets you see how your firm uses its current and future resources, and lets you see how changes to your firm’s people and processes will influence your bottom line. For many firms, using PSA software is the first step to becoming more profitable.

PSAs are becoming a vital tool for professional firms, so let’s figure out why firms like to use PSA software to automate their processes. We’ll see how many firms use a PSA, every day, and we will talk through what you can expect once you get your PSA up-and-running. 

Why professional services firms use PSA software

Firms invest in PSA software because it’s a single tool to manage all your processes for time and expense, for billing and invoicing, and for resource management. A good PSA gives you insights, at a glance, into what’s happening in the front office and the back office. 

But a great PSA does much more than that. When your PSA software has data about your staff’s hours, tasks, and projects, you not only see how efficiently your firm operates, but you can also see where to improve. A great PSA helps your firm operate as efficiently as possible. 

How services firms use PSA software

PSA software is only as good as its data. Your firm already has a lot of available data that would help a PSA to understand how your firm works. The best PSAs help you plan projects, assign staffers to those projects, and see the financials tied to each project, staffer, and resource.

From there, your firm’s PSA helps you make changes to how you allocate project resources, and shows you the potential value of making those changes. As your projects and resources change, your PSA shows you ways to adapt.

What your firm can expect from PSA software

Once your PSA is connected with your billing and invoicing software, you have more control over how you manage project resources, and you can see all the way into the core of what makes your firm work best. You can even use a PSA to give your clients insight into your firm’s processes.

A PSA software is made to automate many of your firm’s manual processes, saving your staff’s time, and minimizing your cost of doing business. When you have the right PSA that can make the most of your resources, then you can make the best decisions for your firm to grow.

Look for a PSA that can communicate with your current billing and invoicing software (like Quickbooks), that can be customized to fit exactly what your firm requires, and that can give you the business insights that your firm demands.

To see all the features that PSAs have to offer, check out our PSA 101 guide, and start making plans to improve your firm’s profitability.

What's inside the guide: 

  • Key benefits of PSA software
  • Difference between PSA and Project Management tools
  • KPIs uncovered with PSA software
  • Strengthening workflows through consolidated tech
  •  Steps to finding the right PSA software for your firm

Ready to get started? Request a demo of BigTime’s PSA software, today, and see just how far your services firm can go.

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