Best Practices for Improving Employee retention

When you implement best practices for improving employee retention at your organization, you can effectively lower turnover rates, improve job satisfaction, and ensure the stability and productivity of your workforce. One of the most helpful employee retention tools professional services organizations can use is resource management software

Resource management software can help you view and manage resource utilization and allocation, send notices when staff is assigned to a project, and allow you to search the skills available within your organization. It’s pretty easy to see how resource scheduling software can help you better drive the utilization rates of your staff to your current and future projects, thus making the organization more efficient and effective.

Looking for another reason why you should make use of resource management software? When used correctly it can really help reduce employee turnover and improve employee engagement.  

cta-image-utilization-rates-topUsing Technology to Improve Employee Experience 

Besides issues with one's manager, people are likely to leave an organization due to a lack of opportunity. Employees today are looking for employment where they can learn and gain experience in newly acquired skills, move to projects they find interesting, and possibly travel.

Now it is unrealistic to think that an employer can be everything to everyone, and I believe that most employees understand the limitations their managers have in defining and managing project teams. What I think is missing in many organizations is the means of giving their employees a voice in the resource decision-making process.

Sure, organizations use strategies such as goal setting and appraisals to have conversations about the desires of an employee. Unless your team is less than a handful of people, when you need to make resourcing decisions you aren't likely to remember, or even know, the desires of your team members that may have been recorded during these events.

cta-image-resource-scheduling-middleResource management software allows employees to continually update their skill listings, indicate experience goals, communicate the desire for a new opportunity, and can indicate to those who staff project positions whether they are willing or able to travel — all helping to improve employee retention

Giving your employees an effective means to communicate to you their skills and desires doesn't guarantee an employee utopia, but giving them an active voice in the resource management process will reduce an employee's frustrations that often result in them searching out for greener pastures.

Long story short — one needs to add the costs associated with attrition to the reasons why you should have resource management software. 

Optimize Your Team’s Performance with Resource Management Software

BigTime’s resource management software streamlines project planning, allocation, and tracking to optimize team productivity and project success.

By efficiently managing and allocating resources, BigTime ensures that employees are appropriately assigned to projects that align with their skills and interests. The platform also allows for better workload balancing, preventing burnout and stress associated with uneven work distribution.

With resource management software from BigTime, you can: 

  • Allocate resources based on skills, experience, and availability to increase billable hours and profitability.
  • Monitor resource productivity in real-time to support continuous improvement.
  • Match skills and competencies to projects based on detailed staff records.
  • Monitor skills gaps and identify training needs to support individual growth and career progression.
  • Visualize resource availability, capacity, and utilization with customizable dashboards.
  • Improve hiring by forecasting skills requirements for upcoming projects.