What’s New in BigTime: August 2023

BigTime is always getting better and easier to use. We’re focused on helping your business operate smoothly so you can stay focused on what you do best. 

New this August: a redesigned mobile application announcement, BigTime Wallet in Canada, updates to BigTime’s HubSpot integration, new data in your allocation editor, and more. Read on to find out what’s new.  

New in Canada: Process Payments with BigTime Wallet 

We're thrilled to launch BigTime Wallet, our award-winning payment solution, in Canada. We’ve worked closely with a group of customers to create an easy and efficient payment experience that works seamlessly within BigTime. Curious to learn more about BigTime Wallet in Canada? Schedule a time to chat with our Wallet expert, Collin.

To learn more, view the press release here

Allocate resources with more data at hand

Bring more of your own organization’s data into your resource allocation decisions 

Compare allocated hours to input hours in a side-by-side view 

Easily view your allocated hours alongside input hours within the allocation editor. With a single click, you can enable the "show actuals" option to display actuals in smaller text next to the allocated hours in a larger text format.


Explore projected fees within the allocation editor

We've introduced projected fees to the allocation editor. Now, in a single glance, you can see how allocated hours influence both project progress and budgets in real time. Gain a deeper understanding of resource planning and ensure alignment with fee budgets more effectively. 

AllocatedFees+EstimateYellowBox (1)

Improve project management processes and client interactions

Provide a superior client experience while optimizing project management processes with labor code descriptions that can auto-populate as timesheet notes 

Add labor code descriptions and create timesheet notes automatically 

You can now enter a detailed description for a labor code to clarify any related details, including its purpose or usage. Labor codes can also automatically populate your timesheet notes when that labor code is selected on the time entry. System admins can choose to make these notes visible to clients on related invoices for increased control, better client communication, and more descriptive invoices to minimize disputes.  

LaborCodeDescription-TimesheetNotes - 1

Streamline operations between HubSpot and BigTime 

Unify your key data by connecting your CRM, HubSpot, with BigTime, your operations hub

Import customized HubSpot pipelines into BigTime to streamline operations 

You can now bring specific HubSpot pipelines into BigTime, enabling seamless workflow automation, efficient resource allocation, and less redundant work. This update makes it easier to simplify the management of your sales cycle or marketing and/or customer service processes. 

Coming soon to BigTime 

Future BigTime releases to keep an eye on

Redesigned BigTime mobile application for Android and iOS

BigTime's Android and iOS applications have minor updates planned for later this month. Additionally, both versions will be fully redesigned in early 2024 with improvements to the timer, receipt capture, general performance, and overall UI/UX. 

For the full list of updates, including bug fixes and other improvements, scroll through your announcements in the BigTime platform. If you have questions or just want to say hello, we’d love to hear from you. Shoot us an email at product@bigtime.net