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Excitement is in the air for our first Q2 release! We spent the last few months with a deeper focus on usability and enhancing the experience within BigTime. This release exemplifies that with new reports, new calculators in our library, and building on our recent release of project templates to now allow users to create templates directly from a project that is already set up! There are so many things this month that will enhance your overall experience working within BigTime.

All administrators within BigTime also have the ability to leverage the new Feedback feature in the Resource Center to look through the current feature enhancements and provide your feedback by way of voting for the items you think are most important. All of the feedback we get from customers continues to help evolve the product on so many levels.   

April 2022 Release Highlights

Core Solution

  • Add custom task fields to a Gantt chart
  • Additional invoices added to the gallery
  • Create templates from existing projects
  • Add timesheet custom fields to invoice PDFs
  • Date format configuration setting


  • Profit projection (%) on allocation reports
  • New standard reports in the Report Center

Core Solution 

Add custom task fields to Gantt charts

You can now configure Gantt charts to display any of your custom task fields. Adding custom fields to a Gantt chart allows you to see the data you need without having to drill into each task.

To add a custom task field, click the gear icon above the Gantt chart, scroll to the bottom of the list, select the custom field, and click “Apply”. The custom field will appear on the left side of the Gantt chart where the task list displays.

GanttChartCustomFieldsAdditional invoices added to the gallery

Additional invoice types have been added to the gallery of imports that you can import into your firm. In the Invoice configuration >> calculators section, click on the link to check out BigTime’s gallery of specialized calculators.

The following invoice types have been added: Holdback, Final Holdback, Retainer, Fixed Fee + Deposit, Item Based Billing + Deposit.

GalleryInvCalculatorsCreate templates from existing projects

If a project is commonly used, users have the option to create a template with the same settings and tasks.

Add timesheet custom fields to invoice PDFs

Along with the option to create and include custom fields on a timesheet, these can now also be added to an invoice PDF if those values need to be shared with a client.

Date format configuration setting

System administrators can change the date format within their BigTime firm from the My Company settings. Options include MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY.


Profit projection (%) on allocation reports

Profit projections can now be viewed as a percentage value along with the dollar amount. This field has been added to the Allocation Detail, Monthly Allocation Grid View, and Weekly Allocation Grid View type reports. It is labeled as Profit Projection (%).

This will calculate (allocated fees-allocated costs)/allocated fees for the period in question. 


New standard reports in the Report Center

  • Overall margin by project
    This report includes fields that compare billable fees/expenses to overall costs and provides data on the invoiced fees and expenses and the total amount invoiced. This report also includes the margin values as both a dollar value and a percentage, calculating (total invoiced to date)-(total time costs+total expense costs).
  • Project profit report
    This report shows the total amount billed on each invoice, the input fees and expenses included on the invoice, and the profit made. It will also let the user know if that invoice has been paid or not.
  • Project realization
    This report provides data on the invoiced fees and realization as both a dollar value and a percentage. It also shows the overall invoiced amounts and overall realization. This is grouped by client, giving the user the total amounts for each client and project.
  • Time + expense detail margins
    This report provides margin information for time and expenses that have already been invoiced on. It filters out any uninvoiced hours/expenses to give an accurate representation of the actual margin values.

We’re really excited for the enhancements and features we have planned for the rest of the year, and we want your feedback on all of it! From early focus groups to pilot programs, we welcome your participation as we continue to evolve the BigTime solution. If you’re interested in having your voice influence our design, please reach out to us at