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Elevating the Workflow of an Agile IT Services Firm | Project Management

Your new projects are kicked off and it’s time to execute. And, as a project-based business, you require a unique and custom way of getting to those projects to the finish line. 

Let’s discuss how you can start scoping out your deliverables for a seamless, efficient process and real-time access to your project's success. 

As an official Jira application, BigTime syncs with Jira so your project managers are able to keep time and budget always top of mind.

We’ll show you how BigTime and our robust tools will help you with:

  • Easily pulling your data from Jira into BigTime to manage progress and time spent on active Jira projects and issues (no double entry, no human error)
  • Keeping the project management functionality of Jira and your internal processes while aligning your progress directly to set budgets and hours 
  • Monitoring project tasks and staff realization 
  • Leveraging BigTime’s custom reporting capabilities for all of your synced Jira projects

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