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Elevating the Workflow of an Agile IT Services Firm | Customer Relationship Management

As an agile IT services firm, you live by empowering your teams to work smarter by enabling rapid decision making.

So, when it comes to the software you use to operate your day-to-day, it is critical to have systems that work for you and your specific needs. And, a bonus when it’s a software that works with the tools you already know and trust.

When your firm brings on a new project, how does PSA software support those needs?

Join us as we dive into how BigTime and our seamless integrations help with the first step of your project workflow: customer relationship management. See first hand how our new business visibility and project kickoff tools work with our best-in-class Salesforce and HubSpot integrations.

We’ll walk through:

  • Managing new opportunities with real-time flow of information across teams
  • Forecasting resources and staff needs for visibility into your pipeline
  • Full project transparency with real-time view of all deal and project data
  • Accurate revenue pipeline projection with a complete picture of how WIP and existing contacts contribute to revenue

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