About the company

Aegis Project Controls’ mission is to improve the construction industry by providing project controls and technology solutions unlike any other in the world. Aegis offers a full scope of program and project controls services to be able to better serve clients at every touch point of the project.

Founded in 2006, Aegis has grown from a small team of passionate project controls professionals to the largest firm of its kind in the country, with offices throughout the USA and Europe. 

What challenges led your firm to BigTime?

Kyle: Billing operations for a consulting firm or anybody that is billing hours that are pulled off of a time card is very tedious in most accounting and ERP systems, so we looked out there to see what systems were built around consulting firms or any type of business that bills hours. BigTime was definitely one of the biggest hits out there. 

Have you noticed an improvement in your day-to-day work?

Kyle: The biggest improvement in our day-to-day work has been the process of what we call our time closing and our billing period completion. Throughout that process, we audit, review, and approve all the time card entries for that billing period. That entire process we've been able to cut in half with BigTime based on the workflow setup, and when I refer to workflow, I mean how the system is naturally set up to progress through different statement invoices, pulling right off of time cards. But, reducing that time from closing the time card to getting invoices out the door to the clients has improved our cash flow by getting cash in the door from those invoices a lot faster.

With BigTime Software, Aegis has seen:

50% decrease in financial administrative tasks 

50% reduction in billing process time

Have you noticed an improvement in the invoicing process?

Kyle: Definitely! Because invoices are getting out faster and we have more flexibility in tagging projects with different types of invoices, billing contacts, etc. They're getting to the right people's hands faster, which means we're going to get paid faster.

Have you seen a positive change in your firm’s productivity?

Kyle: We have two staff members in the finance team whose sole job is to handle our billings or our revenue. That includes getting time from time cards onto invoices reviewed and out the door to their clients. Prior to BigTime, their whole job was that process, every month just getting those invoices out the door! Now with BigTime, typically in a month, they have a week and a half to dedicate to other things besides billing because that process, which used to be a five to seven business day process, can now be squeezed down into three to five business days.

About BigTime Software

BigTime helps professional services organizations operate more effectively so they can better plan, manage, and get paid for client work. Our award-winning Professional Services Automation (PSA) software enables better project, finance, and resource management backed by robust analytics and reporting. 

Thousands of professional services businesses use BigTime to deliver exceptional results for their customers, ensure teams are able to focus on the work that truly matters, and operate their businesses efficiently. 

See how BigTime can move your business forward. Visit bigtime.net and book a demo today.