About the company

Aegis Project Controls’ mission is to improve the construction industry by providing project controls and technology solutions unlike any other in the world. Aegis offers a full scope of program and project controls services to be able to better serve clients at every touch point of the project.

Founded in 2006, Aegis has grown from a small team of passionate project controls professionals to the largest firm of its kind in the country, with offices throughout the USA and Europe. 


A lack of cohesion between Aegis Project Controls’ software systems made it difficult to track their time, invoicing, and billing effectively. To increase efficiency, improve cash flow, strengthen data accuracy, and enhance their reporting, Aegis searched for an integration between their accounting and project management software that would provide a single view into their entire business. 

With the BigTime + Sage Intacct integration, Aegis has seen:

  • 50% decrease in financial administrative tasks 
  • 50% reduction in billing process time

“We were using a combination of three different systems for time, accounting, and billing that we had to mesh together through uploads and reconciliations. With the Sage Intacct + BigTime integration, we brought all of our data into one consolidated platform, cutting our billing process in half.”

Kyle MacDonald | Chief Financial Officer, Aegis Project Control

The Challenge

Aegis was struggling to track time, invoicing, and billing efficiently in multiple software platforms. With three different systems trying to work together, the process was “messy and tedious”. 

Other issues Aegis faced included: 

  • Excess manual data entry and data transfers consumed weeks of their financial team’s time
  • Frequent data inconsistencies due to managing data entry between systems
  • Inflexible workflows that lead to a prolonged billing process, and hindered cash flow
  • Consolidating reports was time-consuming and lacked needed details

The Solution

Aegis needed cohesion between their time, expense & billing software, and accounting system to seamlessly sync their projects, employees, and financial data.

They chose the BigTime + Sage Intacct integration to:

  • Streamline workflows between multiple solutions, reducing financial administrative tasks by 50%
  • Eliminate manual data entry, leading to a significant increase in the accuracy of financial data
  • Decrease time to invoice by creating invoices in BigTime and syncing them to Sage Intacct
  • Create accurate reporting that allowed multiple views into accounting across the organization

About BigTime Software

BigTime helps professional services organizations operate more effectively so they can better plan, manage, and get paid for client work. Our award-winning Professional Services Automation (PSA) software enables better project, finance, and resource management backed by robust analytics and reporting. 

Thousands of professional services businesses use BigTime to deliver exceptional results for their customers, ensure teams are able to focus on the work that truly matters and operate their businesses efficiently. 

See how BigTime can move your business forward. Visit bigtime.net and book a demo today.