How to add a new user to the BigTime system.

by Gar23. January 2013 19:26

As any business owner or staff administrator knows, employees come and go. So from time to time we need to add or remove employees, change contact information — and do a host of other things to stay on top of your staff and their activities.

Fortunately, BigTime has made these and other staff management tasks very easy to perform.

Over the next several posts, we’re going to be digging a bit into staff management. We’ll be taking you through everyday tasks such as adding a new user into the BigTime system and, in subsequent posts, will cover more complicated jobs such as assigning staff to teams, defining staff roles, and the like.

So let’s get to the routine task of adding a new user.


Here are the steps you’ll want to follow when adding a new user to the BigTime system.

First, the manual method:

A system administrator may add a new user into BigTime via the Management > Add Staff menu item. Once there, you’ll see a simple staff entry form that includes highlighted required fields such as first and last name, email, staff group, etc. (Please note: the new staff member’s login and password will be based on the info you enter initially so you’ll want to keep track.)

BigTime will take it from there, asking the new user at first login to update their password (the default is the user’s last name), and will also prompt them to complete any employee “general” information the system administrator left blank.

For QuickBooks users, the process is slightly different.

If the new user’s information has been entered into QuickBooks, it will automatically populate into BigTime during the daily sync and you’ll be notified via system message that the staff member needs to be imported (see the dialogue box above). Click once to add a green check in the link column and QuickBooks will share the employee’s information with BigTime.

Click the SAVE button to add the new employee to BigTime. That’s all you need to do.

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